Uncovering Charlotte

If you want to live in a city rich in historical events, then Charlotte is right for you. Charlotte movers will help you move to this city without much hussle.

Charlotte is a city in North Carolina and has been the home of major events in United States history. The Charlotte area was inhabited by Native Americans for centuries before European settlers arrived, but it wasn’t until 1768 that the first permanent white settlement was established.

In 1780, the Union County was formed and Charlotte became the first county seat. The city itself incorporated in 1875 with a population of just over 400 people. In 1886, Queen City College (now Queens University) opened its doors, giving Charlotte one more reason to be known as “Queen City.”

Charlotte Movers

Charlotte has seen many changes throughout its history, but it remained the center of every major event in the 20th century. Charlotte has witnessed many major developments, such as hosting the Democratic National Convention for three times (in 1900, 1936 and 1948).

In 1962 it was named host city of the American Football League’s inaugural championship game now known as “The Super Bowl.”.

In 1980s Charlotte became well-known as the “Silicon Valley of the South” thanks to companies like IBM.

The city was also home to one of Charlotte’s most important exports, Michael Jordan.

Charlotte is still an important and heavily visited destination for business travelers in North Carolina due to its central location within the state near major thoroughfares. It’s also a good place to live; Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

Charlotte has a rich and long history. From hosting three Democratic National Conventions, all before 2000, to being dubbed as Silicon Valley of the South – it’s easy to see why this city still retains its importance today.