The Best Wall Repair Services for Your Home

Don’t let your home become unlivable! If you’re living in a coastal area and notice that the seawall is deteriorating, then it’s time to call our experienced team of experts. We at Lake Worth Foundation Repair provide expert seawall repair service for residential and commercial properties.

Seawalls are crucial in preventing coastal areas from flooding during a storm or high tide. They also prevent the erosion of soil and allow for a smooth transition between your property’s street, sidewalk, and lawn area with any nearby beaches.

Also, seawalls should be built to withstand the harsh conditions of coastal areas and even earthquakes. Our team is well-versed in current building codes and uses only high quality materials for all our projects so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right!

Lake Worth Foundation Repair

Average height of seawalls is about 30-40cm or 12 inches. Their thickness is about 60-100cm or 24 to 40 inches.

Most of seawalls are made from rocks, boulders and cement blocks. It can be wooden too but it’s not popular option because wood is more likely to rot away on the sea water contact area.

Wooden posts are used instead of walls in case of small waves that don’t cause big floods on coastal areas. Seawall repair service should include inspections for cracks, holes and openings where weeds might start growing through them eventually causing damage below ground level which cannot always be observed by eye at first sight since they grow deep down under the wall surface over time leading to full collapse later on without proper inspection once in a while!

Damaged seawalls can cause flooding and serious damage to your property. Your home can get damaged and even destroyed if the seawall is not repaired in a timely manner. It can also create dangerous situations for you, your family, and any pets that live on or near your property. Don’t let this happen to you; call our team of experts today!

Whether your home or business is on a private beach, waterfront area, or lakefront property – if it’s near water then it needs an expert seawall repair service from Lake Worth Foundation Repair.