How to Tow a Car on Flatbed

It is inevitable, at some point in your life you will need to call a tow truck because you got stuck. Whether it is off-roading and getting stuck in the mud or even just locking the keys inside of your car, there are many situations that may require a flatbed tow.

First things first, call a towing San Jose company or another trusted service provider as soon as possible (before they close). The sooner you can get them out there the better chance you have of getting unstuck without much damage done to your vehicle.

Give them all pertinent information including: what type of car and engine size; where they will find your car if necessary which includes landmarks such as cross streets for reference; make sure that someone stays with their phone while waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

Towing San Jose

The technician will assess the situation and decide if they need a regular tow or flatbed in order to pull your car out of its predicament–and then you should follow their instructions accordingly.

For example, If it is just mud that has caused your vehicle’s wheels to get stuck (not sand) and there are no other vehicles around, they may be able to use what is known as an “all-terrain” tow system where chains go through the tires for more traction on low terrain areas like mud. They might also have air bags which can inflate quickly so that even four wheel drive automobiles with good grip lose control over them when driving up steep hillsides such as those found at construction sites.

If it is sand or snow that has caused your vehicle’s wheels to get stuck, a flatbed tow would be necessary.