Orthopedic Surgeon: The Inside Story

Atlanta orthopaedic surgeon, and the president of Orthopaedics, talks about the latest in hip replacement surgery and how to know if a patient is a good candidate for this procedure. He believes that patients who are considering joint replacement should talk with their doctors about whether they are candidates or not for hip replacements as well as what type of prosthesis they may need for their specific condition.

Dr. Day also talks about the latest in this procedure and how it is less invasive than other procedures because of its minimally-invasive nature, which can help reduce pain for patients as well as speed up recovery time. He notes that some hip replacements are endoscopic, meaning they require only a few small incisions on both sides of the groin to access the joint space while others may have an additional smaller incision at either side of the buttocks or waistline area depending on where the patient’s symptoms originate from.

Atlanta Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Steven L. Day says that based on his experience with these surgeries he has found them to be very successful especially when done by certified orthopedic surgeons like himself who are able to correct problems such as arthritis through hip replacement surgery.

Another interesting thing Dr. Day mentions is that while patients may use crutches for six weeks following this surgery, the majority of them are able to walk without assistance after four months and resume a normal life at home or work.

He also says that he has found that most people who have had hip replacement surgery report an improvement in their quality of life including: less pain when walking; better range of motion and mobility; restoration of energy levels, strength, endurance and stamina as well as improved mental outlook on life.