Solutions to Your Septic Tank Problems

Search and Solution for Septic Tank Issues

Septic Tank problems are a common issue in many homes. When you talk to your plumber, they may give you the impression that there is nothing to do but replace the tank. This may be true of septic tanks that have reached their lifespan and should be replaced; however, if your tank has not yet reached its lifespan or cannot feasibly be replaced, there are other options available for solving these issues!

Call your local plumber to see what they recommend for the type of problem you’re experiencing. They will be able to recommend the best way of solving your septic tank problems. Call a local plumbing contractor for other solutions to these issues that may not require the replacement of your current tank, such as installing an ejector pump or pumping out and cleaning deposits from the bottom of the leach field lines.

Septic Tank

If it is determined that there are no other options available, this may be an issue with low groundwater or inadequate septic tank maintenance and should be referred to a professional engineer.

When choosing a new system, make sure you check out all of your installation choices including surface disposal systems where wastewater goes into above-ground tanks which periodically discharge effluent onto crops or pastureland; deep injection wells (sometimes called “pump and treat”) which injects wastewater up into geological formations far below ground level for long term storage; closed-loop recirculating systems – these use on-site water for all purposes, and are often referred to as “ecological systems”.

Septic tanks need regular pumping so that solids do not build up in the system- if solids have built up on top of one another without being pumped away, then these will contribute to clogging as well!